Jamaican Organic Unrefined Sarsaparilla Root 25g (Dr Sebi Approved)

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Sarsaparilla Root (Similax Ornata)


Saparins, parillin and sarsaparin glycosides, sitosterol, stigmasterin, traces of essential oil resin, sugar and fat. Sitosterol is known to reduce blood cholesterol concentrations.


Natural body and energy builder

Tonic for the organ system when combined with other herbs.


Sarsaparilla usage:

Blood and lymph purification

Treatment for toxic matter

Treatment for infection

Helps with menopause

An Aphrodisiac/Stimulant for male

Promotes perspiration and the flow of urine

Sarsaparilla removes the excess moisture that causes bacteria to grow in the intestines. 


Sarsaparilla tea;

¼ oz. Sarsaparilla

1 pint water

Boil for 20 minutes.


Sarsaparilla Drink;

½ oz. dried sarsaparilla root

½ oz. chainy root

2 pts. water

1 oz. honey /sugar

Boil roots for 30 minutes until water is reduced to a pint. Cool then add honey to sweeten. Store in refrigerator.

Dose: one wineglass once or twice daily after food.


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